NoMore offers three standard types of treatment to your slides, Visual Enhancement, Brush-up and Recreation, which you can learn more about here.

But we have also found a necessity in having a fourth type of work, in order to provide shorter turnarounds of large files at a lower cost.

This method is a simplified version of a Brush Up, and here are it's characteristics:

Fix to Correct Template, Layouts
Make sure all Titles, Subtitles, Footers, Trackers, Logos, Page numbers are in the correct Placement
Fit to Slideframe
Fix Colors to color palette
Fix Font Sizes
Remove Animations and Transitions
No picture recreation
No graphs conversion
No slide visual improvements or addition of graphic elements, no fixes of alignments / jumping's /consistency from slide to slide

You can request this method of Adjusting to Template if the outcome you would like to have for your file matches these elements.

In the Table below are the other Types of Work we offer and their characteristics.

Types of Work we offer and their Characteristics****
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