This article outlines why and how to onboard additional members / users to an existing company account with no-more.

Why share with your colleagues
• Share the time-saving benefits provided by no-more with more people
• Further increase the design consistency across the organization
• Avoid having a single person acting as a “middleman” between the organization and no-more (lowers efficiency for everone)
• Leverage guideline and inspiration assets with more people
• Leverage rating and feedback provided by one user to impact more users in the organization
• Faster build a larger number of trained designers working on your style and guidelines
• Get access to better prices per hour by increasing the monthly usage

How to add more people?
• If you are an Account Manager, you can do so on the no-more Platform or Add-in
• Provide a list of the relevant e-mails to Customer Success.

How customer success can help onboard your colleagues?
All you have to do is make the first introduction, and no-more can take it from there. Here are a few examples of how we can help you onboard more people from your organization:
- Ready to share documentation
- Editable documentations you can adjust your specific communication
- Several training videos and presentations available;
- Free onboarding sessions with a member of our Customer Success team;
- Customized Onboarding and Trial plans;
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