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Do I need to book capacity?
No, you do not need to book capacity when sending work to No-More. However, No-More is build on a first come, first serve principle which means that we are not able to guarantee that we can manage your work load when you are not using bookings. When you book capacity, you will be in front of other clients that are trying to get their work through No-More.

Where do I book capacity
Bookings are done via our Customer Portal under the booking tab
Required inputs for a booking

Submission time
The time that you are going to sent us your slides. The hand-in time must be at least 8 hours into the future.

The time that you would like your slides completed

Number of slides
The number of slides within each type of work (visual enhancement, brush-up or recreation). Please also make sure to inform us if the slides are using Think-Cell.

How many slides can you do
The number of slides that we can do depends on the time elapsed between the submission time and the deadline as well as the type of work


I need to cancel my booking
Within the first hour of us receiving your booking, you can cancel the booking without any cost
Within the interval: from the time your booking was ordered and until the 6 hours prior to the submission time (the last 6 hours before the promised time for sending the file), we will charge 50% of the scoped hours
Within the interval: from 6 hours before the promised submission time and until 3 hours after the submission time, we will charge 75% of the scoped hours

Automatic cancellation
If slides slides have not been sent to NoMore for 3 hours after the submission time, the project will be automatically cancelled. In this case you will be charged 100% of the estimated work hours.

Missing the hand in with less than 3 hours
If you miss the deadline for handing in your files, you can choose whether NoMore works on a reduced number of slides, changes the scope of the work (e.g. reduce the slide count or do brush-up instead of visual enhancement) or extend the deadline for having the file delivered. This delay in handing in the files may also affect the Designer Reserved Capacity Hours, and may imply an increase of hours over the original Scope.

I´m going to send less slides than I have booked
If you sent less slides than the book capacity, you are going to pay for the fully booked capacity.

I'm going to send more slides than I have booked
If you send more slides than the capacity booked, then the excess slides will be treated as a new task under the first come, first serve rules.
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