There is one payment model ( Pre-paid credits) while working with no-more.

How to choose the payment model
If you are the Account Owner, the payment model selected via our Customer Portal.

Pre-paid credits
With Pre-paid credits, you purchase hours (credits) before using the service. These credits last for up to 1 year and the price depends on the amount that you buy:
Minimum purchase of 10 Credits at a fixed rate of 35 USD per hour

Expiration of credits
The credit packages expire after 1 year, however, you can always renew your expired credits by purchasing a new credit package.

Re-purchase of credits
Depending on your wished, credits can either be refilled automaticly once your account are lower than 5 credits or our Project Managers will let you know when you are about to use your last credits and you can then decide how to continue.
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