There are three types of payment models (Pay-as-you-go, Pre-paid credits or Subscription) that you can choose from. The choice of model will affect the price per hou and, the invoicing method.

How to choose the payment model
If you are the Account Owner, the payment model change be changed via our Customer Portal.

Choose Payment Model

The hourly rates on the Pay-as-you-go plan are higher than our other pricing options and are mostly suited for companies that prefer to not have any commiments and only use the service a few times a year.
35 USD per hour
No commitments
Invoice at the end of the month

Pre-paid credits
With Pre-paid credits, you purchase hours (credits) before using the service. These credits last for up to 1 year and the price depends on the amount that you buy:
10+ Credits at 25 USD per hour
50+ Credits at 22 USD per hour
100+ Credits at 19 USD per hour

Why choose credits
With credits you do not get a monthly invoice and you have full control of cost by limiting how much you are able to spent.

Expiration of credits
The 10 hours credit package expires after 6 months while the 50 and 100 hour package expires after 1 year. However, you can always renew your expired credits by purchasing a new credit package.

Re-purchase of credits
Depending on your wished, credits can either be refilled automaticly once your account are lower than 5 credits or our Project Managers will let you know when you are about to use your last credits and you can then decide how to continue.

Change to subscription
Updating you pricing model to subscription requires a dialogue with our Customer Success team. When you upgrade, your credits will be retained and used in future months to reduce your bill when using more hours than the subscriped amount.

With prices as low as 17 USD per hour, subscriptions are the lowest price option available. Chosing a subscription means that you will get an invoice every month for at least the subscriped number of hours. If you use less hours that subscribed then your unused hours gets converted into credits that you can use in the following months. If you use more hours than the subscribed amount then your invoice will also include these hours.

Cancellation period
During the first 30 days of a subscription, you can cancel it at any time without penelties[cancel it at any time without penelties. After 30 days the termination period are 3 months but you are still able to use the service during the termination period.

Changing from subscription to credits
After the 3 months termination period, your remaining unused credits will be converted into credits with an exparation date of 1 year.

Chosing the payment model
The model of choice will depend on the charectaristics of your organization. If you only do a couple of presentations a year then Pay-as-you-go or a small credit package will most likely be your choice. However, if you have a team that requires support frequenty then a mediuem credit packge or subscription will suit your needs the best. If you are a larger organization with users across several teams then consider either a large credit package or a large subscription.
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