The quality alignment task is part of getting started with using no-more. It can be used to assess the design quality of our services for free, but also serve as a critical step for us to learn your preferences, guidelines etc. For more information, check out our Quality Alignment Task Presentation.

The purpose of the Quality Alignment Task is to ensure that we at No-More gain an understand about what delivering quality looks like for each of our clients before we start working on for them at scale. Once we have an understanding of your style and preferences, we are ready to support you on live tasks.

The turnaround on the Quality Alignment Task are 72 hours. The higher turn-around are too leave enough time to provide options on the slides, state assumptions and come up with suggestions.

Guidelines & Inspiration
Template: Providing your PowerPoint template is a must for the Quality Alignment Task
Design Guidelines: At No-More, we are particullarly skilled at adapting to your corporate visual identity and seemlessly mergning our work with that of your teams. Thus if your organization have a set of design guidelines then please provide us these when sending the Quality Aligenment Task.
Inspiration Material: Inspiration slides are not essensial but it is encouraged that you sent some over when sending the Quality Alignment Task.
Website: If you do not have any design guidelines or inspiration material then as a minimum, please provide us with your website.

Other material
Fonts: If your template are using a custom font that are not freely available then please include the font installation files.
Icons: If you have a custom icon library or a particular style that you would like us to follow.
Pictures: If you have a custom picture library that you would like us to use.
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