What can the Customer Success Team help clarify
- Is no-more the right fit for my company?
- What can I expect from no-more’s PowerPoint Services?
- How does the no-more platform work?
- How can we create a long-lasting partnership?
- How can I create my account?
- How can I send my Quality Alignment Task?
- How can I update my account preferences, payment methods, pricing options and guidelines?
- How can I get assistance with using no-more’s PowerPoint Services?

Who is members of our Customer Success Team
Our current Customer Success Manager is Mariana Vagos, who is based out of our Portuguese office. She is the go-to person every time you want to update your account or get assistance with using our PowerPoint Services.

How do I reach the Customer Success Team
You can reach Mariana via e-mail at mariana.vagos@nomorehours.com or by scheduling a call with her from Monday to Friday, between 10:00AM and 6:00PM CET.
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